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Amaranth Oil

Amaranth oil Rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin, removes wrinkles, prevents hair loss, prevents the occurrence of cancer. The composition of the oil includes: a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and D, a high content of macro-micronutrients, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, 6-8% of the youth component. Therapeutic and prophylactic effect: […]

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Amaranth Oil
10 Aug 2019

Amaranth oil Rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin, removes wrinkles, prevents hair loss, prevents the occurrence of cancer.

The composition of the oil includes: a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and D, a high content of macro-micronutrients, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, 6-8% of the youth component.

Therapeutic and prophylactic effect: Promotes the rejuvenation and increase of immunity, improves reproductive function, is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain, nervous system, female and male diseases of the genitourinary system, to improve rehabilitation after heavy surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, as an additional method for anemia, obesity and type II diabetes mellitus, cataracts, retinal dystrophy, for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cosmetic effect: Stimulates the natural production of collagen to eliminate postoperative scars and scars, helps moisturize, soften and rejuvenate the skin, provides synthesis of steroid hormones, prevents the development of tumors – the best cosmetic method that actively rejuvenates and gives beauty!

Mode of application:
For prevention, amaranth oil is enough to use in a salad 1 tablespoon, or 1 tablespoon a day before meals.

No. 1. For cerebral and cerebrovascular accidents, good dynamics are observed when treating with amber-dry heart disease, hypo- and hypertension, a little too much. The distillation improves the construction of the channels of the blood, cleans them from cholesterol and toxins, normalizes the pulse and pressure. Protects the heart-and-blood system. Macro is rich in acids, Omega, potassium, potassium and other elements, which are beneficial to the heart muscle. The active component removes cholesterol plaques, seals the walls of the vessels, and makes the red channels electrolytic. Maclo enriches the blood with oxygen and enhances circulation, lowers the pressure. Amaranth oil helps with increased pressure. To reduce the performance, drink 10 ml of food at a time. oil З — 4 times a day.

No. 2. If the Oncology is in the near future, the radiation of the tumor is planned, in this case, regularly lubricate the skin with oil. Also take it inside for 40 ml. Before eating at night. During the whole health-improving course, you will have to drink from 1 to 7 liters. Amaranth oil. Its number depends on the stage of the oncological disease.

Number 3. For ZhKT, thanks to the sustainable driving, Amaranth is appreciated by people who are often suffering from barriers. Food fibers are present along the intestinal wall, removing decay products and eliminating stagnant phenomena. Amaranth oil is used for hemorrhoids, colitis, colic, gastric pain, gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis. Cleanses the intestines and stomach. The product is taken internally in order to deduce the standing phenomena and to clear the intestinal wall from the decay products. Macro envelops mucous gastrointestinal tract, protecting them from irritant. His appointment is for warming and ulcer in order to heal the damage and remove the pain. In order to alleviate the symptoms and painful sensations when you are warming, having an ulcer or enteric acid, drink a little 10 ml before eating. oil twice a day. The course lasts 10 days, then take a break of a month and repeat the wellness procedure.

Number 4. For vision, Amaranth oil contains Vitamin E and beta-carotene, which enhances visual nerves, enhances the production of tears and lubricates the eye, removes the strain. Useful properties and application are due to the ability of raw materials to prevent the development of cataracts, glaucoma, other eye diseases. The product is useful for blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and retinopathy. Workers advise drinking oil in order to prevent the onset of contract and glaucoma.

No. 5. For CHC Amaranth oil removes a reasonable condition, stress and a sleep. The vitamins of the group B are responsible for the stabilization of the human psycho-emotional environment. They alleviate the nervous system, remove the effects of stress, prevent depression and enhance the production of serotonin. Most often, the oil will relieve insomnia, calm and protect the nervous system from being shaken, and will provide a normal body fat. Normalizes the operation of the CHC. Amino acids and phospholipids that are present in the body restore nerve impulses and prevent prophylaxis. Drink about 10 ml. oil three times a day during the meal. Coup is not limited.

No. 6. For the brain, Amaranth is a unique growth in its own kind, stimulating the neurons of the brain. Shiritsa improves absolutely all cognitive functions, including memory, concentration, thinking and so on. Drinks with an amp will prevent starvation, and will also contribute to the manifestation of good health in children.

Number 7. For woolen, leather, nail Amaranth improves the condition of the woolen hair, it always cures dust and malfunction, prevents the loss. They are also used as tonic for a person. Medications improve the production of collagen, fight with acne and discolor skin from pigmentation. In order to remove stretch marks on the body, which was soon formed as a result of rapid weight loss or during pregnancy, drink about 10 ml. oil twice a day during a meal. Also, rub the small amount of leather into the skin again. Duration – 15 days.

No. 9. For loss of diet, the Macro Amount is required for diet. Amaranth is related to low-calorie and nutritious products. It expels excess fluid, cleans up the body from toxins and slags. Decrease in weight is going very well.

No. 10. For diabetics, Amaranth oil is appreciated by diabetics. Shiritsa possesses a unique ability, which is shortened in the enhancement of the production of independent insulin. As a result, the diabetic becomes less dependent on injections, the cell receptors are activated, and the concentration of caxapa in the blood is reduced. Patients with this illness suffer from the immediate exchange of substances, while the activity of vitally important opposites and the system deteriorates. Macro speeds up metabolism, controls lipid metabolism, and reduces the level of caxapa. Antioxidants cleanse the blood, protecting the blood vessels from the deposition of cholesterol. Be sure to keep a low-calorie diet and refuse from live fats. In 25–3 minutes before meals, take 10 ml each day. oil Amaranth. The duration of the healing cucumber installs the doc


Not long before you wipe the tampon off in the bed and enter the vagina. Continue the course of treatment until full recovery. It is forbidden to run along with such a technique to girls who are located in an interesting position.  

No. 14. Eliminates dermatological problems Compresses ingested with oil are used in the treatment of trophic ulcers. You may be called on for damaged areas of skin at neurodermatitis, eczema, susceptibility, and disease. Daily use will eliminate the painful sensations and speed up tissue regeneration. This makes it possible due to the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the product. In case of acne, susceptibility, herpes, prostate and dry eczema, take care of it. Consider a cotton disk in oil and apply to an affected area for 1 hour. Repeat the procedure 4 times a day. The course is not limited, use as necessary.

No. 15. It strengthens the bones In order to fill the hollows in the bone tissue and make it more strong, the minerals, amino acids and augmented ones must be taken into account. Vitamin D, fosfop, calcium and others are contained in the oil. These coefficients are needed by the supportive-motor device and muscle tissue. People with a diagnosed Osteoxondrosis, Aptrite, Gait and Rheumatism are assigned a Doc.

No. 16. It protects the oral cavity. The bactericidal properties of the product are regulated in the stomatology. When disposed of and watered, grease the affected areas for healing and speedy healing. In parallel with this, active components will strengthen the chances, will eliminate them from the short-term, will reduce the pain in the presence of ulcers. Keep a little oil in the mouth and hold for 3 minutes. Follow the procedure after waking up and before. If the tooth aches, apply it to the wadded together.

Useful properties of the device for men
1. The treatment is used in the treatment-and-prophylactic therapy, it is necessary to remove the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland.

2. Shiritsa is effective in case of sexual fever. It improves the construction of condoms and apertures, cleans them. Thanks to the increase in blood flow in the region of the region, the potential is restored.

Z. For men who consume fatty foods and alcohol, drink Macro Amaranth is necessary to clean the liver and to maintain its correct functioning.

4. For persons of age category 45+, they will also use it. Macro Ampantha prophylactic the afflictions connected with a cardiovascular system.


1. Amplifier is known to be useful and applicable in various areas. Macro Amaranth helps women to maintain an impeccable appearance. The valuable composition improves the condition of nails, leather, and hair.

2. The Amarante contains a large number of pectins. When taken inside, the organism receives fast saturation. In the background this craving for food is reduced. Therefore, the product is often included in various diets for weight loss.

Z. With a systematic use of Amaranth in any form, an organism will receive a lot of calcium. The mineral strengthens the hair follicles and prevents the prolapse of hair.

4. The device should be included in the period of pregnant women. It contains a whole vitamin-mineral complex. In addition, the substance contributes to the correct formation of the fruit. The future mother will not encounter iron deficiency in the body.

5. Due to the unique properties Amaranth is used in medicine. The medication at the base of the plant eliminates the pathologies associated with the genitourinary system. Acceptance of Amaranth in any form will serve as an excellent preventive oncology.

6. Turn on the me

dia on the Amount in the unit. When the reception is regular, it eliminates the unpleasant sensations of PMC and menopause. Active substances stabilize the hormonal background and restore the nervous system.

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